We don't need another Regional Forest
Agreement, we urgently need an exit strategy
 from woodchipping native forests.




The Regional Forest Agreements for Eden and Southern Regions were replaced with new 20 year deals on 28 November 2018.     Eden                Southern

Measures needed in an exit from native forest logging and woodchipping 

Submission to Environment Protection Authority on RFA Reviews

Submission to Department of Primary Industries


Significant changes

  • firewood and biomaterial have been added.
  • gives unambiguous tick to whole log exports (it was previously - in references to the lifting of Export Controls - woodchips or unprocessed wood. It is now "woodchips and unprocessed wood."
  • there is a section on climate change (S.67C, Eden), but very vague
  • termination is possible, but a fairly convoluted process
  • "Public Reporting and consultative mechanisms" have been removed.

RFA flyer

Assessment of matters pertaining to renewal of Regional Forest Agreements

Sustainable Yield in New South Wales Regional Forest Agreement regions


Media statements
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1 December 2018 
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16 February 2018 
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13 February 2018
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30 January 2018
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Submission archive
National Parks Association  RFA submission letter

Greens MP Dawn Walker. Make a submission against failed RFAs


20 years of RFA woodchipping is 20 years too long!