Endangered Yellow-bellied Gliders, Bago Plateau



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 This Yellow-bellied Glider, a member of an officially listed endangered population, was killed by logging in Bago Forest. When the endangered status of the gliders caused trouble for the logging industry in 2011, the then NSW Environment Minister, Robyn Parker got together with the Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson to delist the gliders so that the logging could go ahead, sacrificed for the woodchipping industry.

This is how the NSW Government protects the habitat of the endangered population of Yellow-bellied Gliders in Bago Forest. Yellow-bellied gliders need the old trees with hollows for shelter. Minister Parker says she needs them for woodchips.


The Yellow-bellied Gliders of the Bago Plateau were listed as an endangered population in 2009. more

On 7 November 2011, the NSW Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker amended the regulations to "authorise" loggers to do "harm to the Endangered Yellow-bellied Glider of the Bago Plateau" these endangered animals and to destroy their habitat for woodchips. Read her reasons why and how the law has been changed to allow the gliders to be harmed.

After the logging was completed the Endangered listing was restored. more

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